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Service & Repair

Are you in Need of Pool Repair, Upgrades or Weekly Pool Service?
MC&R Pools offers a team of service professionals equipped with the skills and tools needed to take care of any of your pool needs. We’ve been in business since 1975 and we understand swimming pools better than anyone. Whether your pool is simple and elegant or complex and extraordinary, MC&R Pools knows how to keep your pool looking its best.

What Makes MC&R Pools Different?
Unlike other companies in the industry MC&R Pools has built a team of service professionals with expertise in every aspect of swimming pool care, maintenance and pool repair services.  By using unqualified companies with little to no experience and no real understanding of how a pool actually works, inexperienced operations can often cause more harm than good to your beautiful pool if maintained improperly.  Our local associates are licensed, insured and professional. In the event your pool requires equipment or structural repair the MC&R Pools team will handle each project from start to finish. This alleviates our customers from having to search out and vet a contractor when a situation arises outside their pool man’s expertise.

Is MC&R Pools Repair Service Affordable?
Just like the pools we build, we realize every budget and service need is different and unique. Whether you are in need of weekly maintenance, new plaster or just looking for an energy efficient equipment upgrade, the MC&R Pools team will work with you to provide a solution to fit your budget. We even accept credit cards.

For more information or to schedule a service call, dial +1-605-335-7381 now, or click here to request maintenance, upgrade or repair service online!